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The Halal Guys grew from its humble beginnings as a food cart on the streets of New York City to a global icon known as the largest American Halal street food concept in the world. The food cart was first parked on the corner of 53rd and 6th Avenue in 1990 by three like-minded men from Egypt who came to America in search of a better life. When the founders noticed many Muslim cab drivers in New York City were looking for a place to buy halal food in Manhattan, they created their first food cart that quickly grew into a leading destination for American Halal fare. In 2013, The Halal Guys was ranked the most popular food truck reviewed on FourSquare and in 2014, was the third most reviewed restaurant on Yelp in the United States. That same year, The Halal Guys began expanding its authentic Halal cuisine from the food cart into restaurants and now operates more than 80 locations within the United States, Canada, Indonesia, South Korea and the Philippines.

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