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Why catering from The Halal Guys?

Our catering lineup offers the perfect escape from the ordinary pizza and sandwiches. Give your guests, co-workers or event attendees a unique experience that spent 25+ years being refined on the streets of New York City

When should | place my order?

We appreciate at least 24 hour's notice for catering orders of 20 or more, but we will always do our best to accommodate your order. For orders placed fewer than 24 hours in advance it is always best to call your local restaurant.

Do you deliver catering?

Yes, almost all of our locations will not only deliver your catering, but setup is included as well. There may be a small delivery fee associated with this service.

 "delivery availability varies by location"

Why is the catering pricing different that the single platter pricing?

We have found that when people serve themselves, they tend to fill their platters a little more, so our buffet-style catering offers slightly larger portions than our traditional platters. Additionally, our catering packaging is more durable and better suited for larger groups.

Why will you only serve individual platters to groups of 19 or fever people?

Food quality is extremely important to us. If we were to do a large order for individual platters, the freshness and quality of our food would be dramatically decreased... something we aren't willing to compromise!

Why are chafing racks and sternos required for orders of 50+ people?

Again, we always want to ensure the quality of our food to you and your guests, Large orders (50+) typically result in food sitting for extended periods of time as guests work through a line to serve themselves. This can often mean food will sit for 30 minutes or more before the last guests have a chance to make their platters. We want to ensure they receive the same mouth-watering food as the first guest that went through the line!